How to submit proposal



  1. Key/location plan of the site with respect to some important land mark/node so as to understand the site in context of surrounding areas.
  3. Site plan/Surveyed site plan shall be drawn to a scale not less than 1:1000 and shall show the following: -
    1. Exact locations of all existing physical features, contours, depressions, levels, slopes, trees (along with the detail regarding their species; measure of girth, height and spread of foliage, retention and transplantation proposals), road net works along with ROW of the roads, existing structures (along with their retention proposals), if any, on the site and in the immediate vicinity along with their heights and approximate distances.
    2. Any other items not covered in 1a. above but covered under byelaw 6.2.3 of building byelaws 1983 of Delhi.
  4. All plans, elevations, sections with sufficient drawings (in duplicate) as required under the provisions of byelaws 6.2.4 and of the building byelaws 1983 of Delhi to explain the design proposal and the architectural expression along with presentation/concept drawings if considered necessary. Comprehensive plan of the complex in case the proposal forms part thereof.
  6. Landscape drawings in appropriate scale depicting clearly soft areas, hard areas, play areas for children of different age group wherever applicable, exact location of existing trees and proposed trees (along with the detail regarding their species; measure of girth, height and spread of foliage), retention and transplantation proposals of existing trees, trees likely to be effected by the proposal, landscape features (like rockery, well, plant nursery, water pool, swimming pool, tank, fountain, bench, chabutra, slide swing, pedestrian walk way, jogging track etc.), street furniture, external light fittings, outdoor display, feasible parking areas including circulation areas(i.e. drive way), areas under the plinth as well as ground coverage of the buildings(existing and proposed), surface drainage system and the design of the boundary walls along with location of the gates and their design.
  8. Parking plans for different types of parking (i.e. open, ground floor covered, basement, multilevel with ramps and automated multilevel with lifts with out lifts) showing the feasible parking in terms of ECS (equivalent car space) considering the car size as 2.5x5 m. and minimum 6m wide clear drive way, access and smooth movement of fire tender wherever required.
  10. Line plan (site plan) at typical floor level for the whole complex, showing clearly the details of internal partitions etc. in case of group housing projects.
  12. Statement of finishing materials to be used for elevations /facade treatment also indicating the same on elevations. A typical wall section of the building so as to show the details of permanent external finishing material being used with its locations and the levels in elevations need to be submitted.
  14. 3-D walk through for all major proposals on a site area of 5 acres or more as well as all traffic transportation, metro proposals.
  16. Latest site photographs (Minimum 8) of minimum size 8”x10” from different points to show the status quo of the entire site and its environs. The points from where the photographs are taken should be indicated on a site plan/layout plan.
  18. Detailed model made of wood or plastic or any other suitable materials or combination of more than one suitable materials, at not less than 1:200 scale for large buildings/group housing and at not less than 1:100 scale for small buildings along with four photographs (size 8”x10”) of model from different angles. Block model (to a suitable scale) of the overall complex in case the proposal forms part of a larger complex.
  19. Report explaining the concept and functions of building and special factors that influenced the design which may also include, description of site and controls/regulations applicable including land use, height restrictions, envelope controls and parking schedule of accommodations and parking provided, percentage of coverage and FAR achieved etc.
  20. Approval or recommendations of CFO, ASI, AAI and in respect of environmental clearance in the cases where those are compulsory as per the building byelaws 1983 of Delhi and Government notifications.